A perfume collection that reflects the shockingly unusual
vicissitudes of 2020 and the coined phrases that accompanied
a multitude of travesties revealed throughout the year.

emPERFUMES© are hand-crafted in small batches using absolutes, CO2 select extracts, essential oils, extracts, grain alcohols, natural isolates, resins and gums. Unlabeled or unmarked mixed blends of oils are not used in the formulation of any emPERFUMES©. All raw ingredients are natural and/or organic.

The color of emPERFUMES© formulations vary because only raw and natural ingredients are used. The color differentiation in each formulation may change batch to batch. Please take care when spraying emPERFUMES©. They are meant to be worn directly on the skin and may stain delicate clothing.

Even though emPERFUMES© goes to great lengths to use only materials from Mother Nature, if you have allergies to natural substances, please do a patch test before spraying down your entire body. I know you’ll be tempted because, well, yum, but dab a bit on the inside of your wrist to ensure you will be able to wear the scent comfortably. If you are allergic to a bouquet of roses, you will likely be allergic to any of the formulations using rose because we use real rose absolutes.

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