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The artistic creations at emPERFUMES©
come from a passion for scent.

About 15 years ago, I began developing and formulating unique perfumes, toilettes, colognes, aromatherapy sprays, and many other scented products using absolutes, CO2 select extracts, essential oils, extracts, food-grade ethyl or grain alcohols, natural isolates, resins and gums.

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I use organic materials and the same vendors as much as possible. If those materials are not available or price prohibitive, rest assured, I purchase substitutes from vendors carrying only top-quality materials. I take great care in choosing vendors who are as committed to our planet and health as much as emPERFUMES©. Using substitutes can create an inconsistency in a formulation, but rarely noticeable in the final product.

emPERFUMES© are formulated using the materials of the natural world, so weather and soil conditions affect those materials. Because of the variability of raw material, there may be minor differences in each batch’s scent; usually, unnoticeable by the consumer. This depends on the batch of the raw material and from which part of the world it comes. This is the beauty and intrigue of using materials that are grown and harvested in nature. It can create some inconsistencies in formulating scent, but this is my challenge, passion, and pleasure. 

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emPERFUMES© are not synthetic, so they dissipate at a rate incomparable to synthetic fragrances. Depending on the ingredients used and how the scent is dispersed, it can last hours or days. I have this in mind when formulating emPERFUMES©. I want you to love your new scent and experience the same joy I have when creating these for you. Please consult the emPERFUMES© strength chart for more detail.

Tips to make your perfume last longer
on your body and in the bottle. 

  • Spray the fragrance on areas of your body that generate heat like pulse points on your neck, wrists, ankles and, ooh la la, even the backs of your knees and inside of your thighs.
  • Moisturize your skin. Fragrance doesn’t last long on flaky, dry skin. A good skincare routine can support a longer-lasting scent. Exfoliate regularly and use an unscented moisturizer so it doesn’t compete with your emPERFUMES© scent.
  • Spraying emPERFUMES© directly on your hair is a great idea! Your hair is a natural diffuser.
  • Store and use your emPERFUMES© properly. All perfumes will eventually expire. Perfumes using natural ingredients develop over time and may get stronger. This is normal. If the texture or color changes, however, then the perfume may have lost its integrity or been compromised. Keep your emPERFUMES© in a cool, dry location (not in the fridge) and away from direct sunlight. Do not store near air conditioners or heating units or vents. Do not stick your fingers in the perfume. Your body oils will contaminate and degrade the perfume.
Erica Messenger’s Olfaction Journey

My passion to create perfumes without synthetic chemicals began shortly after I received a diagnosis of an auto-immune disorder. This changed my life. I was told I would have better health if I made some lifestyle changes and one of those changes was to begin choosing natural products for my body. As a work-around, I thought, “Maybe I can spray my beloved perfumes on my clothing instead of my skin!” If that’s not firmly standing in denial, I don’t know what is. I realized that, too, was negatively affecting my health.

I adored perfumes and colognes and smelling fantastic, however, at that time, the beauty industry wasn’t into “natural” products. I wasn’t finding reasonably-priced, naturally-scented products that I loved to wear, so I vaulted into researching methods of creating fragrances that I loved yet would not cause harm to me or others. Although my olfaction is unusually strong and discerning, I recognized I had no idea what I was doing, so I invested in education and enrolled in perfume classes taught by one of the best natural perfumers in the world and devoured books on the subject of using natural materials in creating scent; the same books revered in large perfume houses. Applying my new skills leveled up my formulations and I’m now ready to share those with you! 

I decided to launch emPERFUMES© by deploying a line I developed throughout the year that will live in infamy…

the neon version of the twentyXX line name by Erica Messenger in teal and white

Well Being is not only about our minds, bodies, and spirits, it’s about our planet and how we take care of the environment around us. I strive to incorporate this not only into my everyday life but in my business as well. Below are some icons you will see on my products here in emPERFUMES© and what they mean to you. If you see one that is important to you, simply type in the name into any search box on my site to see a list of all the items included in that category. And, of course, if you ever have any questions about the ingredients I source, the products I create, or the packaging I use, be sure to CONTACT ME for more information.

organic icon round with letter outlines

This icon means there is at least one ingredient in the formulation that is certified organic.

organic icon round with letter outlines

When you see this icon, at least one ingredient in the formulation is wild-crafted or wild-harvested.

blue icon with three layer graphics, one yellow, one lavender, and one dark teal

This icon indicates that the scent is great for layering under or over other simple scents.

price variable icon with arrows inside circle

The Earth’s flora and fauna are ever-changing. emPERFUMES© is devoted to using only ingredients sourced through natural means, so we must flow with the changes in the industry. If there is a bad crop somewhere in the world, this increases the demand, which may increase the cost. On the other hand, the price for raw materials may drop for many reasons.

emPERFUMES© is committed to fair pricing and will use alternatives if one particular material becomes too expensive. This icon applies to all products in the emPERFUMES© line. Please contact me with any questions you have about my products. 

Shipping and handling eco icon round

emPERFUMES© is mindful of our planet and works hard to choose packaging that can be reused, upcycled, or composted. Processing and handling is usually complete within 48 hours of the receipt of the order. Shipments go out once per day Monday – Friday. Any order received Saturday, Sunday, or on a holiday, will be processed the next business day. We ship USPS ground to the U.S.A. and its territories.

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