Being mindful is the act of being engaged with the present moment, our environment, and bringing awareness to our thoughts and feelings without judgment.


Our brains become tuned to the music of our conscious attention. If we practice mindfulness techniques and choose meditation as a tool to tune our brains, the studies show there are many benefits to our minds and bodies. 

Learning to lead a mindful life takes patience and practice. I can help partner with you and be there as you discover the process. Questions will surely arise and I can guide you to discover for yourself what works best for you.

Did you know you can practice meditation
in less than 15 minutes a day?

As a certified Koru Mindfulness instructor,
I can show you how to build your “meditation muscles”.

There’s even an app for that!

Click below to start your one-on-one journey to a more peaceful mind. 

Keep calm and read on…


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