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Food fits into so many areas of our lives. It brings people together. It stimulates our senses. It conjures good memories and comfort. It is necessary for our survival. And, food can inspire creativity.


What food is not: food is not primary to our happiness and cannot substitute for healthy relationships, satisfying careers, regular physical activity, and fulfilling spirituality. Our relationship with food comes from lifelong developed habits.

My belief about food is simple. The closer we can get to a food’s natural state the better it is for our bodies. If it grows on a tree, in the ground, or raised in the wild, great! If it has been highly-processed, manufactured, or synthesized…not so great.

Sure. There are foods that create negative reactions for some people. Sure. There are foods that don’t taste good to some people. If you don’t like the taste of kale, trust me, there are many substitutes.

The great news is, we are fortunate to have many choices and by making a few tweaks in your pantry and kitchen, you can enjoy healthy food that fits your desires and lifestyle.

I can help with those tweaks!

If you’re interested in adding something new to your life, take the first step on your journey to find your true north.



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Chicken pho with rice noodles, fresh green onions, fresh Thai basil, fresh cilantro, fresh mint, in a white ceramic bowl with decorative wooden chopsticks on a teal napkin on a wooden table.
By Erica Messenger
blueberries in a white bowl on a wooden table with loose blueberries scattered around the bowl
By Erica Messenger


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