I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a certified Koru Mindfulness instructor, I have a dual major degree in Public Relations and Advertising, and I am a veteran who served as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. All of these experiences, and my passion to help others, guide me in working with clients.

“Sometimes it is unexpected life changes that forge new ways for me to interact with and help clients.”


Over a decade ago I had to search through the infinite amount of information on the internet to help me with a newly diagnosed auto-immune disease. The doctors were empathetic but could only offer me a pill that “may or may not help” me.

It was up to me.

I knew it would take a lot of effort, many attempts, and a lot of bumpy roads.

During this time, I would have given anything for a partner to guide me through all the information.

That’s what I want to be for you.

I want to partner with you to inspire the change that you seek. I’ve been there. I understand the overwhelm. I walk with you on your journey step by step. There are many options to work with me and we’ll find one that works best for you.

I am in it.

You’re in it.

We’re in it together.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours putting together information to make your life easier. I’ve spent many more hours continuing my self-growth and healing so that I can be my best for you. My journey is never perfect, often messy, sometimes disappointing, but resiliency is the key to my movement and progress. The ride isn’t over for me, which puts me in a unique position to help you. 

I have the expertise that can help you step into a more active role in your own care.

Through consistent micro-changes, I help you reach your chosen goals for your mind, body, spirit, and our planet. 

Like a half-degree movement on a compass,
you’ll travel a new path.


Whether you’re new to meditation or would like to further your existing practice, we can work together to help you succeed with meetings that you can attend from the comfort of your own home.​ Click HERE to partner with me for a meditation session. ​


I create customized, one-on-one health coaching and Well Being advocacy programs for you. We schedule meetings that you can attend from the comfort of your own home. Contact me directly to schedule a free health history interview and take your first step on your journey to your true north!

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