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Written by Erica Messenger

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a certified Koru Mindfulness instructor, I have a dual major degree in Public Relations and Advertising, and I was a non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. All of these experiences, and my passion to help others, guide me in working with clients. Sometimes it is unexpected life changes that forge new ways for me to interact with and help clients.

July 23, 2020

“Words mean things.” – Samuel R. Delany

One of the strategies I teach my clients is to think about things differently, get a different perspective, and create novelty in their lives. To do this, I teach a simple lesson. Take a sentence you often hear yourself saying and reword it in several different ways to find out how your mind operates. 

The adage, glass half full or glass half empty, demonstrates pessimism or optimism, negativity, or positivity, and lack or abundance. Especially when we are beginning the journey of creating abundance in our lives, how we think, what we say, and how we react, creates energy and that energy begets the same energies. In other words, you become habituated in thinking one way or another.

I caught myself last night with thoughts of lack and so I made an adjustment. Here’s an example:


I am running out of this.
I only have one left.
Ugh. There is only one left.
I need to buy more.

This for that graphic for substitution article


I have one for today.
Great! There is one left.
I’ll add this to my list.
I can get more.
I’ll have more tomorrow.

Even the same sentence, thought of differently, creates a different energy. The phrase “there is one left” said in a different manner can create a different feeling, for instance, “Ugh. There is only one left.” vs. “Great! There is one left!” 

The more you practice working on your thoughts and the language you use, you will likely start to see a shift in your thinking toward abundance.

When you catch yourself with a thought of lack, grab your phone, open your notes, and reword the thought several ways. Say those new phrases out loud and notice how you feel when saying the modified statements. 

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